james jessica boss

          james jessica boss

          Industry-Leading Continuous Automation Platform
          for Agile and DevOps Initiatives

          Designed and engineered to handle the worlds most complex automation problems with the worlds most complex applications and beyond.

          End-to-End Automation for Enterprise Packaged Apps

          End-to-End Coverage for Enterprises Undergoing Wholesale Transformation

          The Enterprise IT Landscape is changing at a dramatic pace. Worksofts open, flexible platform easily integrates to help companies leverage existing investments while implementing digital transformation initiatives.

          • Dramatically reduce digital risk with end-to-end process discovery
          • Improve business agility by eliminating manual testing and accelerating deployment
          • Reduce cost and time with automated maintenance


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          Delivering Tangible Business Outcomes for Top Global Businesses

          Scaled Automation Adoption Roadmap

          Advance from single project automation to enterprise-wide adoption

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